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Eat Over The CNY Celebrations With The Bak Kwa Fries For Maximum Huat!

The Bak Kwa Shop with over 40 years of traditions in Serangoon Gardens is now selling Bak Kwa Fries🧨🧧

In addition to usual time-honoured food and treats that surround this holiday, the new Bak Kwa Fries should also be on hand for your family and friends to munch on.

Unlike their usual Bak Kwa Slices which made considerably thinner than most Bak Kwa that you get in Singapore, they have made these fries into thicker strips. They are deep-fried, and served in french fries cartons. Each box is only sold for $6, and made to order to keep the freshness. Worth to mention, these fries are now availble in a frozen pack of 250g for $12. You can now eaily prepare the Bak Kwa Fries and serve them up at your own time and convenience in this CNY!

Kim Tee has been around since 1970, Mr Teo Kim Tee began his signature brand settling up shop in the heart of Seragoon. They remained at the same location ever since. Priding themselves on producing bak kwa that is 100% hand-made, their products remain tradition with the finest pork meat and cooked in a charcoal oven before grilled over a charcoal stove.

Apart from the new product, they also sells a number of other Bak Kwa products. Available in 4 flavours, Signature, Gold Coin, Chilli, Black Pepper and 2 new flavours coming up at the price of $18 for 300g.

Forget about Spam files! Get these fries at the New Eastern Kim Tee flagship at 11 Maju Avenue, Serangoon Gardens and Chinatown while stock last!

Details :

Tel 6283 2829 / 9138 6665

Address 22 Maju Avenue, Serangoon Gardens Singapore 556695

Opening Hours 25 Jan – 10 Feb: 9am – 9pm | 11 Feb (Eve): 9am – 12 noon, or till sold-out whichever earlier.

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