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Famous Just Free - Pink “Little Fairy” & Black “Little Devil” Are Now In Singapore

Make Hai Chi Jia Suan La Fen or laksa instant noodle your ex and upgrade to these instant tonkotsu ramen noodles . Best instant noodles Singapore for girls by far.

The world of instant noodles is more diverse and flavourful than ever, and after reading this article you'll want to order this most instagramable instant noodles and dig right in.

There is really one noodle which is the ULTIMATE dream of every girl out there! The pink Little Fairy and black Little Devil instant tonkotsu ramen noodles from Chinese brand, Single Food (单身粮 - Dan Shen Liang). It’s now available in Singapore and we’ve included links on where you can get it further down.

Single Food (单身粮) was born in 2017, the founders of single food saw the hidden business behind the singles and sprouted the idea of creating a snack brand for the singles, capitalising on "single, leaving the single", etc. Since then, the fame of the brand has become popular in China and they have now made their way to Singapore.

Definitely the pretty pink Little Fairy (小仙女 - Xiao Shen Nu) noodles have caught all of our attention almost immediately. The package comes with a pair of fairy wings, and the word on the box “撩” liao means hitting on you , a hot word amongst Chinese netizen. After opening the package, you will be able to see the powder which made from dragon fruit, as well as the noodles. The noodle will comes with a fish plate, barbecue pork, corn kernels and vegetable.

Other than the noodles and packages themselves, the little Fairy ramen also come with a fish cake slices. It is nothing like a normal fish cake, but a fish cake with scalloped edges and a pink love shape design. I am falling in love straight away.

Not a pink lover? They know you pretty well. Get this black Little Devil ( 小恶魔面 - Xiao E Mo) instead. These black noodles will definitely spice up your whole day. For a nice balance of paste, the broth is simmered with mala chilli oil and vinegar. The Little Devil ramen comes with the same condiments as the Little Fairy ramen. In this cardboard box, you will also find the fish cakes that comes with motifs of a little devil design.

Whats make the Little fairy and Little Devil instant tonkotsu ramen noodles stand out from other brands, however, is their claim to be air-dried and less oily, which is good news for those of you watching your waistlines. It is all okay for me to have late night supper now.

It is sold out on many sites but Shopee is offering a discount at just $19.40 for a carton of six. It is the lowest price we have seen so grab them before they are sold out again!

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