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Food Review: Handmade Shaved Noodle By Former Crystal Jade La Mian Director

Michelin star- standard La Mian at the kopitiam above Bishan bus interchange.

The unexpected stall, Shi Xiang Ge (食香阁) tucked away in a corner of Cafeteria serves up Chinese cuisine from Shanxi province, is famous for its La Mian and Shaved Noodles.

Eateries that run by ex-chefs from Crystal Jade La Mian Director, Mr Liu Yi Jun, specialising in Shanxi cuisine. He started making noodles since he was a teen. The shaved noodles have the essence of over 30 years of noodle making expertise.

Noodles are all prices at $6 and below, and my go-to was their You Po Shaved La Mian ($6). The shaved noodles were freshly handmade at the stall. The strands were broad, think, dwindled to a thin and serrated edge at the side as they are hand shaved. Unlike the uniformed factory made noodles, each strand was slightly different, but all are between stiff chewy and stiff- crunchy to the bite. Noodles wet with greasy spicy savoury sauce were very slurpy smooth.

They also take the effort to present their famous Hong You Cha Shou ($5). The dumplings has a thinner skin and filling with mostly meat. It comes wih spicy mala Sichun sauce and some vinegar, that starts off with being savoury and become spicy. If you are looking for something oomph, guarantee you that you will fall in love with this dish.

The ma la big intestine shaved noodles ($5) is definitely our personal favourite. You may adjust the spice level through mild, slight, medium and very. The lavish of fat and juicy intestines were bored with unique recipe. If you are up for a spicy challenge and don’t mind numb lips for an hour, give this a shot!

Shiok! | Singapore Food Blog

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