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Food review: Aoki Omakase

A place will definitely revisit again

We love our omakase, and we love that sushi omakase in Japan doesn’t cost the king’s ransom that it does here. But guess what, there are one that was constant recommendations to try the value for money and this might explain the sheer difficulty of getting a seat at Aoki.

At Aoki, for instance, where lunch only cost S$120 before tax, reservations open at 10am on the first day of each month and get snapped up within minutes. As in the case with one of the leading Japanese restaurants in Singapore, it’s presence is hardly noticeable. Look closely for the inconspicuous Aoki signboard or you might miss it.


In 2003, Aoki Restaurant was established as a joint venture between Owner Chef Kunio Aoki and the Les Amis Group. Aoki reopened in June 2017 with a brand new look by Japanese interior designer, Yasuhiro Koichi. This 36-seater restaurant offers the ultimate fine dining experience in Japanese haute cuisine.


The meal start with a small appetizer (salad),followed by freshest cuts of Sashimi for the day includes Otoro. Negima Jiru (Japanese Tuna and Leek’s Harmonious Soup). Both Leek and Otoro melted in our mouth right away.


Sashimi,Baby Scallop Tempura and Grilled Salted Solefish which is very tender,fleshy, and full of fatty omega 3.


Akami, O-toro (Tuna Belly) and Minced Tuna Maki

Sooo soft you barely need to chew it, as it begins to melt and explode into pure umami in your mouth when it hits your tongue.


Kanpachi, Cod Roe, Tamago and Unagi

The Cod Roe is worth mentioning, they are so fresh with no fishy smell.

Tamago has a delicate sweet taste and custard texture


The omakase lunch comes to an end with a Quattro of sweet dessert items. Moochi, Ice-cream, Jelly and Musk Melon, provided a light and refreshing end to a wonderful meal.

Taste: 5

Decor: 4

Service: 2

Hygiene: 4

Value: 5

Overall: 4.5

1 Scotts Road, #01-19 Shaw Centre Singapore, Singapore 228208

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