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Tiong Bahru Bakery is launching a handwash for your hand to smell like freshly-baked bread

If you've ever wanted your home smell like bread, then Tiong Bahru Bakery might have fulfilled your wildest fantasies.

The bakery chain is now selling an elegant looking brioche scent handwash in Singapore that does exactly that.

Collaborated with local craft fragrance house Oo La Lab, the sweet scent is based on vanilla, caramel and pineapple. With notes of mouth-watering butter, and baked bread fresh from the oven, the handwash might be the home accessory you never really knew you needed.

Chewing Gum Handwash

Back in 2017, they also launched Chewing Gum just like minty Wrigley gum banned in 1992.

Do you know the aroma of freshly-baked bread is one of the most delicious aroma and has a lot of positive effects which leads to a greater degree of altruism in strangers and evoked happy memories.

It is now available for retail at $24 per bottle of Brioche No.1 Handwash. You can find it at all Tiong Bahru Bakery outlets and their online store.

You can enjoy a complimentary bottle of Brioche No.1 Handwash with a minimum spend of S$35 on Tiong Bahru Bakery via Deliveroo. The promotion last until February 12.

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